My Crystal Ball is in the Shop

As a longtime REALTOR® here in the Philadelphia condominium market, I am always amazed at how many times buyers and sellers ask me to give them solid, concrete information about what is going to happen in the future.

Often a buyer’s query comes in the form of:  “Will this home be worth more in five years than the one across town we just saw?,” or “Should I lock my interest rate today because interest rates are going to rise next week?”

Sellers are a bit more forward thinking, as I find their mental dilemma encompassing thoughts of:  “If I hold this property, and rent it out, what kind of rents can I get in the year, say, 2027?”

Now I admit that when I bought my first Center City condominium, I drove my real estate agent nuts. I mean crazy. I still kinda’ duck my head when I pass her by on the street.  And I am sure I tortured her with silly questions she could not have possibly answered.

Although, you know, her crystal ball must have been fully operational way back when as she had no problem spittin’ out future numbers like they were being read off a Bingo Card.  And I bought everything that came out of her mouth. Today that condo is worth exactly 4 times what it was worth back in 1991. (Bridgeview Place Unit # 525).

Now why didn’t I ask her to pick some lottery numbers for me?

I might not have a crystal ball, but I do have the knowledge to help you purchase or sell your Center City condo or Philadelphia condominium for the best price and terms.  Give me a call today at 215-521-1523 or drop me an email at  We’ll have fun!

Mark Wade

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