Double Windows

Keep Noise Out To Keep Value In!

Philadelphia condos have a unique issue that may not be relevant to condos in, say, remote parts of Montana or on a deserted private island. NOISE! Some of the most sought-after condo buildings here in Center City are on, or very close to lively blocks full of activity. From bus routes, to highway proximity, noise is sometimes inescapable. I came up with a solution that works well at a low cost:


Philadelphia has a fairly strong historic association that will often mandate the type of window replacement. However, this does not preclude you from installing another set of windows INSIDE the historical set.

Double Windows
You can add an inexpensive, double-paned, vinyl-clad window INSIDE the outer set of historically approved windows, giving you a total of 3 or 4 panes of glass between you and the noise.

You don’t need to live 30 feet from the highway or live in a super luxury condo building to benefit from this idea. Such insulation also provides extra protection from cold, heat loss, and dirt that gets inside of other single-paned windows.

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