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Rittenhouse Square, one of William Penn's original five city squares, was known as the Southwest Square until 1825 when it was renamed for the astronomer-clockmaker, David Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse Square has always had its share of cache. The first house facing the Square was erected in 1840. The first high-rise Rittenhouse Square condo building, "1830", was built in the 1920's. In 1913 the Square's entrances, central plaza with the stone railings, pool, and fountain were designed. To have lived near or on the Square was a mark of prestige. Though much of the surrounding neighborhood area is known as The "Rittenhouse Square area", the square itself is a highly sought after location for many searching for condos in Philadelphia. A wonderfully urban housing area, Rittenhouse Square is one of the premier destinations for Philadelphia home buyers. A very large variety of high rise condo buildings in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City Philadelphia- from The Academy House at 15th and Locust Streets, The Symphony House, Ten Rittenhouse, The Savoy, The Dorchester, The Wanamaker House, 2101 Chestnut, The Lanesborough, Parc Rittenhouse, The Warwick, The Plaza, The Rittenhouse, 1820, 1830, and 1900 are just some of the Philadelphia high rise condos in the Rittenhouse Square area. One of the most desirable locations for Philadelphia condo buyers, Rittenhouse Square offers a wide assortment of townhouses, lofts, and high rise condos for sale! All of the area falls in the 19102 and 19103 zip codes.

5 Fast Rittenhouse Square Condo Insights:

  • 1) Rittenhouse Square sits between Fitler Square and Avenue of the Arts
  • 2) Pre-War, Mid-Century Modern, and Contemporary Styled Condos Available
  • 3) Condos with a direct view of Rittenhouse Square will command a premium
  • 4) Rittenhouse Square Condos earn a "Walk Score" of 100 (out of 100!)
  • 5) Condominiums directly on the Square tend to sell well, and at a higher price than similar condos in Center City Philadelphia

Quick Rittenhouse Square Sales Stats

  • 2021: 434 Sales - Top Price $6,500,000
  • 2020: 231 Sales - Top Price $5,000,000


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