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Renting a Philly Condo

Finding Philly Condos for Rent may seem daunting to some, however, we have the knowledge, resources and motivation to help make it the easiest possible process for you! There are a number of different elements to consider when looking for a rental that can be confusing and overwhelming. With our help, we can narrow it down for you and really focus on what areas and realistic budgets you should be considering.

Here are some tips and suggestions going into the process:

Tenants are typically required to give 60 days notice to their landlord or management company of their renewal status. With that said, some may give prior notice and rentals can come to market earlier than that timeline (or later in certain situations) With this piece of information, two major things come to mind, the first being that you should give yourself as much time as possible to look for a place. This obviously does not mean start looking 4 or more months in advance. However, the more time you can give yourself, the less stressed you will feel on nailing down a place. The other thing to consider is that many people focus too hard on how long a property has been on the market. If it’s been on for a while, this makes people think that there is something wrong with the unit. WITH RENTALS THIS IS NOT TRUE. Like mentioned before, rentals are posted when the landlord or management is informed that the tenant is not renewing. They just want to get it rented asap, even if that means posting it months in advance. Keep this in mind when looking.

Another important thing that one should know before renting is what is required of you to apply. Typically, with submitting an application you will need to provide a valid copy of an ID, proof of income showing that you make sufficient funds or have sufficient funds to cover the apartment, and a credit/background check (ran by landlord or tenant’s agent depending on situation). Application fees typically run from $30-$100 per applicant. If you are an incoming student, do not be intimidated by these requirements. Co-signers are almost always accepted. Once accepted, you will need to put down first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and 1 months security deposit upon lease signing. Some rental buildings have specials where you just need to submit $500 to secure the deposit or something along those lines. Feel free to reach out to discuss that in more depth.

Going into the process, try to have all your information ready to go because RENTALS GO QUICK. I repeat, RENTALS GO QUICK. You need to be ready to commit to something because someone else will snatch it up. Tough love but the truth.

Feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever. We can show almost all rentals in the city so even if you don’t see something on our website we can still get you in there.

Kristopher Barillas®
Kristopher Barillas ®

Buyer & Renter Representative Specialist

With a capacity to communicate with people from all walks of life, Kris speaks fluent Spanish & is best known for his warm & charming personality.  He is very attentive to his clients with a sharp eye for details. Having lived in both the US & Mexico has nurtured his ability to use resources & find solutions for any situation. Growing up in a small town in Texas ingrained a deep sense of community & of being of service to others. His ability to use online sales trends and valuation data helps keep his buyers and sellers realistically informed of the strengths and weaknesses of the current market. Having come from a family of tech savvy computer programmers, it’s no surprise that he has a natural ability to use all the latest technology to follow the market trends. Contact Kris at 215.485.8946 or