Philadelphia Condominium in Center City


Shaun F – I chose Mark to sell my place because I liked the way that he marketed himself and his business, and I assumed he would do the same for my place. I was not wrong. Mark and his team (Nicole) were extremely helpful in giving me the best advice to maximize value for my condo and complete the sale in a timely manner. I would highly recommend their services. They even managed to find a buyer and complete the sale during the pandemic – not a small feat.

Kim C – The fact that I have a home I adore after a 6 month transaction (due to it being a short sale) is a testament to Mark’s knowledge and unwavering commitment to his clients. He was proactive and positive throughout this time and has an extraordinary ability to problem solve. I was amazed at how quickly he responded to questions and his frequent updates. Mark is a true professional, but also very approachable. I have recommended him to friends, one of those who had his condo sold in less than a week under Mark’s guidance.

Yaman T – I worked with Mark on several occasions and he was incredibly helpful each time. I think what really differentiated Mark from other realtors is that, after the first showing, he understood what I really wanted better than I did at the time. He quickly found the perfect fit for me and my wife and I have been very happy with our purchases.

Nick C – Mark helped me and my wife buy our first house and made it as easy as could be. We had only been in the area a short time and knew nothing about the area. Not only did he help us find lots of beautiful places to look at, his ability to know what questions we should ask and his discerning eye all made the experience easy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in Philadelphia.

meg.c – Mark was extremely responsive, very knowledgeable regarding the market. Listened to me, my goals and objectives and made a very good recommendation regarding a purchase. His skill at assisting during the entire closing process by putting forth a team of professionals was truly exceptional. I have not been able to repeat the experience in my more recent purchase in the state of PA. I highly recommend Mark. Thanks, Meg

ljholihan – We were looking for a condo for our daughter in Center City and trying to do it long distance from Ohio. In the one day we were in town, Mark was able to identify condos for us to look at that met our location, safety, and price parameters. After the initial trip to Philly all other paperwork etc. was smoothly handled by Mark and his team long distance, including the closing! We highly recommend him if you are in the market for a condo in Philadelphia.

joedrrt – Thanks for a smooth and professional handling of our recent purchase at Waterfront Square. Everything went according to schedule, you were very attentive, and gave us the best advice about buying our new home. I recommend your services to anyone shopping Center City condos! PS……your (mostly) weekly blog about Center City Condos is always fun to read and informative! Thanks Mark.

Mark K – Mark has an unparalleled expertise in the Philly Center City real estate market. Ive used Mark several times to buy AND sell real estate over the years since I first moved to the city. He has an intimate knowledge of the market, provides excellent advice, and has a distinct sense of humor that makes the process more enjoyable. Whether you are new to the area or a local looking for a new address I would recommend Mark and his fantastic team to help you. Thanks Mark!

Michelle T – Mark’s an All Star. No matter the curve ball thrown our way during our recent home buying process (our second with Mark), Mark was ready and willing to do what was needed. I have recommended him time and again to friends looking to purchase in the area and can not speak highly enough of his expertise and insight.

Susan W – Mark is a whiz kid in the Center City condo market. He helped us find our first condo in Philadelphia, and is now helping us find a second. I love it when he says, “Here’s the one you’re going to buy.” He knows what we want even before we do! Capable, dependable, sincere, and funny. What more could you want in a broker? Oh yes, and honest. 24/7.

jrosamilia – We have bought or sold properties 15 times over the past 2 decades due to moving in the NE. 5 of these were with Mark, including the first and last, as we moved into, out of, and back into Philly. Mark is by far the most knowledgeable, competent, down to earth, and responsive real estate professional, of the highest caliber and integrity that we have had to pleasure to have represent us. Mark is at the very, very top, both professionally and personally, in our eyes (and we have dealt with many others). There are not enough stars in this form to properly rank his performance.

toddb – Try stumping Mark on any condo building in the city. You can’t. The facts, back-story and outlook of every building in town are top-of-mind. He also knew exactly what I was looking for and when we found it, got my offer (one of six received that week) accepted! Now a year later, Mark helped me find my next roomier condo in an undervalued building with ease. In fact, I’m closing next week. Thanks, Mark!

David C – My wife and I were looking for a 2nd home in Philly and new it would be a challenge with our budget and requirements. Mark was perfect in showing us condos that met our requirements and price range. It was obvious right from the start that he knows Philadelphia inside and out and is an expert in the condo market. In our opinion, Mark is the best when it comes to Philadelphia real estate.

Kathleen K – I recently moved to Philly from the West Coast, and Mark gave me terrific help throughout the entire process of finding and buying a new home from across the country. He is honest, knowledgeable, and professional, and was always available by phone or e-mail to answer my questions. He put me in touch with his great team of people, who have helped me with everything from insuring my new condo to remodeling it. And he is loads of fun to work with–the ideal combination of good humor and good sense. Thumbs up for Mark!

Erica D – Mark has now helped us in several real estate transactions, and we would never use anyone else. He is knowledgeable, accessible, and quite frankly a lot of fun to work with. His knowledge of the Center City condo market is unparalleled, and his personality makes doing business with him a delight. I recommend him without reservation.

donliu0525 – Mark did a superb job in representing me as a buyer in a professional, efficient and effective manner. I would use him again!

Racquel T – Mark is professional and effective. He assisted us through many walk-throughs and open houses (over 4 months of searching) until we found our NoLibs rowhome that met all of our wishes! He was there through the entire paperwork and closing processes, speaking on behalf of us when needed (when we didn’t have a clue) yet also getting our input on the important details. I would strongly recommend him!

Lea M – Mark Wade knows the center city residential market, cold. He was just the person I needed when relocating from the suburbs to Philadelphia proper. He is honest, patient and knowledgable with a strong work ethic and was always responsive. I would recommend him highly to anyone in the market in Philadelphia.

goolgool206 – Mark helped us buy our first home in Philadelphia. He knew what we were looking for based on our conversations and was clearly an expert on the market in Center City given his vast knowledge from years of experience. He gave us his honest input and recommendations and was easily and very readily available for all our questions. Even after we bought our place and were considering selling to upgrade, we called him for advice and he gave it freely (and it was VERY helpful) with no strings attached which shows a certain level of integrity. If you are thinking of navigating the Center City market, I would recommend Mark!

Sarah L – I worked with Marc when I bought my condo. He was helpful and honest. He knew the Center City housing/condo market inside and out and was honest about properties that I should not be looking at and those I should-In fact, I bought a property that I didn’t even want to view…he knew. He’s a pro.

Dan R – Things went smoothly when Mark helped me sell my condo even though I now live in Lancaster County. He worked things out so I didn’t have to show up in person for anything.

Frank S – Recently searching for a condo for our daughter, but being unfamiliar with the Philly market, we needed buy-side representation. After discussing our objectives with Marc, he took us on a tour of properties in the area of interest. Later that (Sunday) evening, he helped us prepare an offer. From that moment through financing & closing (and renovation), Marc was only a phone call or email away, and guided us expertly. We recommend him without reservation.

Nancy – I purchased a home on Pine Street recently with Mark’s help. I think he is the best real estate agent in the city. He has been doing it for more than 20 years and knows Center City like the back of his hand. He seems to know every other agent in the city, too. I found him to be a joy to work with. He was extremely responsive, offered excellent advice, and made sure that nothing fell through the cracks. If he’s available, hire him!

Judith H – It was a pleasure to work with Mark. Much of it was done long distance but Mark was totally responsive and seemed to understand what we were looking for from. Our responses to what he was sending us. Once we got to Philly, he gave freely of his time and experience, was willing to show us things that were not necessarily high on our priority list and was particularly helpful once we were in down-to-the-wire negotiations with the seller. I would definitely use Mark again and recommend him highly.

Jake W – Mark is extremely competent, highly knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. I sincerely appreciated his no frills, no heavy salesman approach – very straightforward, honest and to the point. Helped me find a perfect condo in less than a week! Seamless process – I recommend Mark 110%.

Jennifer L. Maher – Industry expert. True advocate. Highly recommend Mark on both the buy and sell side. You won’t be disappointed.

Jed S – What a great website! I couldn’t believe how much there was the read and learn at about pretty much everything that is Philly real estate. The search map is really groovy, too!

Don N – Mark Wade, the head of Center City Condos knows everything there is to know about real estate in and around Center City Philadelphia. His websites, and, are jam packed with information about available real estate and the neighborhoods. His blogs and podcasts give special insights into many different aspects of buying or selling your home or condo in Philadelphia. The ability to chat live with a realtor on is really unique, it is a great way to get a quick response to your questions.

Dave T – Mark Wade really knows Philadelphia Real Estate. is a great site filled with valuable information, resources and Mark’s expert opinion.

Jack J – Mark Wade and Center City Condos was a pleasure to work with! Incredibly knowledgeable about the area and went above and beyond expectations. Highly recommendable!

GTL – I bought a condo nearly 3 years ago; Jim Thornton was my Realtor. He is fantastic! I cannot recommend him highly enough–he knew what I wanted before I did. When I asked him how he managed to know so well, he said, “I listen.” And he does. He found me the exact condo I wanted, he arranged everything so that the process was actually painless, and he provided invaluable information every step of the way. Jim is professional, ethical, and smart. He knows Center City very, very well. Jim is The Best.