Society Hill Towers

200 Locust St., 210 Locust St., & 220 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

This lovely group of three high rise condominium buildings sits on over eight beautifully landscaped acres of land- prime Philadelphia real estate! Designed by I.M. Pei, and these Society Hill condos have some of the most magnificent views in all of Center City! Studio, one and two-bedroom units predominantly exist within the Towers, though some have been combined to form three+ bedroom units. Betty and Carl take great care of the swimming pool, which offers a lovely picnic area for members. A two-story parking garage and laundry facilities are in the lower levels of these Center City condos. All units within the buildings are flats, as loft condominiums and bi-levels don’t exist. Your search for condos in Society Hill won’t be complete until you see Philadelphia condos in the 19106 zip code. 200 Locust St. is known as the north tower, 210 Locust St. is the west tower, and 220 Locust St. is the south Society Hill tower.

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Built in the early 1960s. The THREE towers -200 Locust (north tower), 210 Locust (west tower), and 220 Locust (south tower). Back in the early 1990s, I lived in a studio at 200 Locust St. and enjoyed living there. Managed by Beverly Sherman- who has been there forever and a day. She runs the buildings beautifully, and looking at either the common grounds or the lobbies of any of the buildings will tell you that she and her team are doing a hell of a good job. Rental parking is in the basement level of all three buildings- no one owns parking at Society Hill Tower condos. The units were built without in-unit washer/dryers, but many owners have since added. There are huge and clean laundry rooms in each of the buildings as well as one sizeable common gym area. The pool is stunning with lots of picnic and lounging areas for those looking to get outside. Views are great in all units- regardless of floor height as the parcel occupies much acreage for Center City and beautifully landscaped as well. Probably the best common grounds of any condo building in town. Each floor was built initially with eight units per floor though many variations exist today as owners have combined some units. The Penthouse level in all three condo buildings has expanded ceiling height with unbeatable views of the city or the river. No one is going to complain about their views here at 200-220 Locust St. The complex houses a small grocery market on the grounds. Individual condo owners control the heat and AC, but the building switches from heat to AC and back twice a year- so you can’t run your heat in the summer, nor can you run your AC in the colder months. We have sold maybe a dozen or so units over the years here at Society Hill Towers.

Five Fast Facts about Society Hill Towers:

  1. Architect was I.M. Pei
  2. Large outdoor pool and picnic area. Entire lot sits on 8 acres in prime Society Hill neighborhood
  3. Pool fee is $264 per season (as of 2019)
  4. Not a big success when first built in the early 1960's (as apartments) as area was run down
  5. Total combined number of units in the complex = 706

Quick Sales Stats

  • 2022: 21 Sales – Top price $745,000
  • 2021: 32 Sales – Top price $1,013,625
  • 2020: 16 Sales – Top price $990,000
  • 2019: 19 Sales – Top price $770,000
  • 2018: 19 Sales – Top price $490,000
  • 2017: 25 Sales – Top price $1,100,000
  • 2016: 31 Sales – Top price $765,000

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