I Believe 48% of What I Read on Real Estate Flyers

Property Flyers are Often Incorrect

Here are a few examples:

1) Hardwood Flooring- Likely, it is not hardwood, rather it is laminate. And laminate is preferred in newer condo buildings. It looks good, wears well, and offers an array of styles.

2) Deed Parking- Usually, a parking space is not what we call “deeded.” If it were, it would have a tax bill. Most parking today is via a parking license.

3) Square Footage- Since Philadelphia has no standard for measuring square footage, we see numbers that sometimes don’t seem realistic. Does that figure include the garage? A deck? A basement? An adjoining outdoor closet that houses the HVAC? And where did that number come from? Was it the taxman, the owner, a prior owner, an appraiser, the Realtor, or perhaps, the man on the moon? Do you want to know the correct square footage? Buy a tape measure and have at it.

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