Sweeten Your Offer

It is NOT always dollars and cents that prompt a seller to sign an agreement of sale. Here are a few tips to sweeten your offer:

*Shorten your settlement date if the home is vacant.
*Shorten your home inspection period to 7 days instead of 15 days.
*Put more money down (to be held in escrow). A full 10% will garner attention.
*Add an “AS-IS” clause (which will still allow you to inspect).
*Write a note explaining why you’re bidding on this particular home.
*Vacant, but full of unwanted clutter? Buy it as it sits. Huge relief for any seller.

Many things in a real estate transaction are emotional. Sweeten that emotional pot and you might find you’ll save a few dollars. Further proof that what I do for a living is not rocket science.

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